Calling towards Islam (Dawah-e-Islam) is a major responsibility of the Muslim Nation. Delivering which is the responsibilities of every muslim. In todays world, we have been bestowed with numerous ways and methods in accomplishing this goal with the grace of Almighty Allah. And it is our responsibility to pay attention to these resources as vital as they are and propogate the message of Islam far and wide. Internet has made easy the work of Dawah. But unfortunately through this, the deviated sects are propogating their deviations and evil ideas in this world, while the people of truth are passive. Considering the importance of this issue, the following series is being presented so that the Islamic Dawah in its true form is presented to the people. And the Islam which the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wa sallam) had brought and on which were his companions (Radhi allahu anhum) and the first generation of muslims should be brought to the people. So that people could understand Islam by getting away from extremism and forming sects.

May Allah let us speak and accept the truth – Aameen