Shaikh Shameem Ahmed Khaleel Salafi was born in the Indian state U.P, district Basti (Presently : Siddharth Nagar). He obtained his preliminary education in his own area. In 1969 he left to Banaras for Islamic education. And in 1978 he accomplished the certification for the 10 year Jamia Course. The same year he reached Qatar for further education. In Qatar , he continued with Dawah and Tableegh activities along with his own education. In 1979 he was employed as a preacher by Raasa Al Mahkam al sharaiah wa al shouin deeniyah (Presently : Wazarat-ul-Awqaf). And in 1982 he was appointed as a Daee by Dawah wal Irshad - Qatar . Since then he is busy in the center in Teaching, Lecturing and Dawah activities.

He is the author and translator of more than 20 books. And with his efforts were formed Islamic organisations such as Nadwat-ul-Sana Education and Welfare society in India and Markaz-E-Ibn-e-Taimia li-Dawah-tut-Jaaliyaat in Qatar . These are effectively operational under his leadership



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